About Us!

John J. Healy - President/CEO

Kathleen B. Healy, M.A. LCADC, LAC, ICGC-I - Executive Director/CFO

I have been with HCA, LLC for the past 10 years, working my way up in the operations, starting out as a secretary to Coordinator now Executive Director. I wear many hats here at HCA, LLC and have a passion for doing what is right for all my clients needs. Currently I'm attending graduate school studying School Counseling with the LPC option. I graduated from Kean University in May 2019  with my Masters in School Counseling, and eligible to work toward my License as an Professional Counselor.

Patricia A. Healy, M.A., LPC, LCADC, ICGC-II, ACS, CCS - Clinical Supervisor

Patricia Healy began her professional life in Middletown's Youth Services/Boys Club. She graduated from Kean University with a Master's degree and soon found herself working with youth and families battling addiction and mental health issues. Patti went to learn all she could about addiction and the family and became certified in 1970's. She continues to this day consulting with others involved in addiction and mental health issues. Patti has led the way for others to become increasingly knowledgeable about gaming disorders and has mentored/supervised other professionals. Ms. Healy considered it a privilege that clients share their moments with her.

Bernadette Brewer, LCADC, ICGC-I - Clinical Director/Safety Officer

Bernadette Brewer worked in the addictions field for 40 years. She has been employed as a counselor at both inpatient and outpatient facilities. She coordinated the Ocean County IDRC program from 1988 to 2007, dealing with DUI offenders. She is currently Clinical Director here at Healy Counseling Associates, LLC, working with addicts and family members.

Mallory Butler - Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper

I have been with HCA, LLC since February 2018. I have my Bachelors in Computer Science and Information Systems from Stockton University. I am the office tech geek with a zoo of animals at home. I am an upbeat and outgoing person and I enjoy assisting clients find the appointment schedule that best fits their road to recovery.

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