Substance Abuse Program

The Substance Abuse Program is a 8-16 weeks. During the 8-16 week program topics will include:


• Risk factors

Plan for Change

• Problem solving

• Genogram and Life Story

• Coping and Communication skills

• Relapse Prevention Strategies

Disease concept and genetics

Impact of addiction on the individual, the spouse, and the children



Group Schedule

Sunday mornings 11:00am-12:00pm

Monday evenings 6:30pm-7:30pm

For your convenience, groups are ongoing so you can participate at any time.


Individual sessions take place on multiple days and hours


Fees: $160 self-referral assessment, $100 probation assessment, $65 Intoxicated Driver Resource Program. 

Session type is determined with the client at their initial assessment.

Session Fees: $40 per group,  $100 per individual, $125 per individual family session, $40 group family session

Please note there is a $25 No Show Fee for all appointments, and a $10 No Show Fee for all group sessions.

You must contact the office at least 2 hours before any scheduled appointment or group session to cancel and avoid these charges.



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